Employment Law

The ever-changing world of employment law means employers need experienced advice and counsel to avoid or deal with claims from employees and regulatory agencies. The Connolly firm provides comprehensive employment law services ranging from employment contracts and handbooks, covenants not to compete, protection of trade secrets, wrongful discharge claims, wage and hour violations, and other employee claims in state or federal court. We also extensively counsel clients on complying with statutory and administrative regulations and defending against administrative claims by BOLI and OR-OSHA.


Representative Cases


Professional Group v. Medical Clinic

Marion County Circuit Court; United States District Court.

The firm represented a group of medical professionals in successfully challenging non-compete provisions in employment contracts and negotiated new service contracts with a new medical facility. The litigation also involved defending anti-trust claims and challenging the legality of the non-compete provisions.


8 Wage Claimants v. Local Small Business

US District Court of Oregon

The firm represented a local small business in defending wage claims brought by several former employees and their families. The claims included statutory wage claims and violations of several employer statutes. The firm first mediated the claims, determined the claims to be of negligible value, and was subsequently able to negotiate a settlement for less than the cost of defense.