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Our firm represents real estate investors in real estate transactions, tenant-in-common ("TIC") workouts and restructuring, and property sales. Since 2009, we have provided legal expertise for hundreds of individual investors in more than 70 TIC properties throughout the United States, with a combined deal value of over $883 million dollars.

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Business Law

Connolly & Malstrom provides a wide range of expert business and commercial law services in the areas of agreements and business contracts, the purchase and sale of businesses, analyzing financial statements and performing due diligence, forming corporations, and establishing business structures to maximize the bottom line while minimizing risk.

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Commercial Litigation

Sometimes commercial disputes and business relationships simply cannot be reconciled. In these cases, litigation is necessary to resolve differences between parties and move forward. Connolly & Malstrom firm has extensive, winning experience in such complex, having obtained many considerable judgments and sizable financial settlements on behalf of our clients. Our attorneys approach litigation on a team model, which benefits our clients by offering the highest level of legal service and quality, while keeping a sharp eye on controlling the cost of litigation for our clients.

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Complex Litigation

In increasingly frequent situations, a relatively straightforward case can take on a life of its own. This is usually not because of anything you have done, but more likely because your case is part of a much larger context involving broader legal, political or even societal issues. That litigation often requires appearances in multiple courts and in several states. Whether a case is complex because of the nature of the parties, the discovery issues involved, or its context within a much broader problem, this firm has enjoyed success in helping navigate its clients through to conclusion.

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Creditor Rights

Today’s economic challenges have affected creditors and debtors in varied and unpredictable ways. Parties must act prudently and quickly to protect their financial interests. Our legal team has worked successfully to protect our clients’ interests and develop cost-effective solutions designed to maximize recovery. Led by attorney Paul Connolly, our firm has extensive experience in creditor rights matters ranging from loan work-outs, bankruptcy proceedings, reorganizations and complex litigation.

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Employment Law

The ever-changing world of employment law means employers need experienced advice and counsel to avoid or deal with claims from employees and regulatory agencies. Connolly & Malstrom provides comprehensive employment law services ranging from employment contracts and handbooks, covenants not to compete, protection of trade secrets, wrongful discharge claims, wage and hour violations, and other employee claims in state or federal court. We also extensively counsel clients on complying with statutory and administrative regulations and defending against administrative claims by BOLI and OR-OSHA.

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Estate Planning and Probate

Planning for the financial future of you and your family can be a challenging prospect. Our legal team can help you successfully navigate these challenges and protect yourself and your assets through tools designed to help maximize control over your estate and effectively manage complex tax issues. We provide expert legal services in will drafting, powers of attorney for financial and health care matters, and other estate matters, including the management and administration of probate.

Family Farm Representation

Family farms have unique challenges that require skill and experience to successfully manage. Harsh regulations, fluctuating prices, crop failures, and buyer non-payment or bankruptcy are just a few of the threats family farms face every day. Attorney Paul Connolly has over twenty years of experience helping family farms navigate these risks and receive fair compensation when things go wrong. Connolly has helped dozens of farmers get paid when sellers fail to pay for crops or insurers fail to cover crop failure. Connolly and his team provide excellent advice and counsel on a wide range of farm issues including production and other agriculture contracts, ag land leases, farm financing, defective ag chemicals and nursery stock, and farm labor agreements. We also represent family farms in employment disputes and state regulatory actions by BOLI.

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Real Estate and Land Use

The Connolly firm provides experienced and effective legal representation in real estate and land use issues. Whether you are interested in buying, selling, or leasing real property, our attorneys can provide strategic advice and zealous advocacy to make sure your bests interests are represented in the transaction. In addition to providing counsel in real estate transactions, we have successfully represented clients with land use issues ranging from land use applications and appeals, zoning, conditional use permits, partitioning, and Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) zoning issues. We have also successfully represented owners of distressed commercial and farm properties work-out financing arrangements to avoid foreclosure.

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